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Intro Script : Illustration Definitions

  • Black Page
  • A City in snowy cold winter. The City of Saga
  • Working farmers on farmlands, a small town on the horizon and a river that divides the town and farmlands. (Which orcs will raid...)
  • Two sleeping orcish child on a fabric near the barrels, in a ship camara.
  • A foggy night. Their father, which is an old and mighty clan leader stands on the front of a ship's deck. There are young orc warriors on the background. Orc leader's face is near.
  • Thousands of boats with torches coming from the fog, near to the shore. Hundreds of ships anchored on the background. A farmer is looking to the scene. Another farmer run with fear.
  • A night scene from the deck of the ship again, but empty this time. Only two orc children left. They are looking to a burning city. They hanging to the fences of the ship.
  • Early morning. A scene inside from a street of the ruined and burned town. Orcs constructing tribal tents and carring stones and foods.
  • Two small orc brothers playing (fighting) with sticks
  • Their father grab one of his older son from the shoulder and give advice to him.
  • All clan leaders sitting on the table of the half burned tavern of the town (repaired defectively by orcs). They discuss about the war (18-20 leaders). Their father put his fist on the table. He look with anger.
  • The orcs running to war. There are leaders and flag carriers on the front-lines.
  • Dead orc and human bodies on the ground. Leader still stands, but sad
  • Orcish children, women and men watching the burned raft of the dead warriors floating across the river.
  • Old clan leader and his three survived son (two of them did not gone to war for the reason of their ages), sitting on the camp place, eating meat. They are sad and hopeless.
  • The burned tavern again. Orcish leaders discuss the war again but with less numbers. (6-7 leaders)
  • An action scene. A door widely opened, and an orc pops out from it to the screen. He is shouting and shows outdoor with one of his hands.
  • The king, his royal guards and an interpretter are located on the town enterance. They surrounded by the orc warriors. Human king tries to calm warriors.
  • Orcish Leaders listening human king in the tavern. Windows filled with orc commoners.
  • Two contract placed top of the table, one of them has the kings seal and other colored with orcish blood.
  • A street of the town. Human king ready to depart. Their father point his two smallest children to king and try to explain something. King shakes his head with a little confusion. (or maybe agreement)
  • Two orc children from the top view. Their fathers shadow felt upon them. They look to the screen (to their father in real) with fear.
  • From inside the horse chart, the town is nearly fading on the horizon.
  • A City in snowy cold winter. The City of Saga (replay 2. scene)
  • A Snowy tight street. 2-3 floored houses snapped to each other. Snowy roofs.
  • A small roofside room. Two empty beds staying on the two sides of the single window. An old housemaid woman carrying a paspas. A wooden bucket stay on the floor.
  • A school room, filled with human children. They are looking to new come two orc children with hate and fear.
  • An orc child fighting fith two human children. The other one try to stop the crowd of other children to mess the issue.
  • Two young orc man fighting with a few men on a tavern.
  • Two young orc man standing inside the prison bars.
  • Two young orc walking down the street. Few bandits looking to them with anger and whispering each other.
  • Night time, roofside room with the same angle as the old one. Orcs sleeping on their beds.
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