MeshViewer 1.0 does not work on both 32bit and 64bit machines


AnyCPU profile fail to run on 64bit machines due to some Axiom dependencies being 32bit ( Managed DirectX and DevIL ).
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nowherestudios wrote Oct 6, 2009 at 12:01 PM

you need to force everything 32-bit by using the x86 profile. with AnyCPU you will get 64-bit assemblies when compiling on a 64-bit system, then it can't run on a 32-bit system. I think on a 64-bit system there will be conflicts on interop with the 32-bit native dlls either. BadImageFormatException is what you're likely to get on launch in these cases. Not really sure what your config is, resp. how a 32-bit Vista does on a 64-bit CPU, but using the x86 platform target will create a 32-bit app that should run on both targets.

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nowherestudios wrote Oct 7, 2009 at 11:07 PM

Fixes have been complete and MeshViewer 1.1 has released but another error recieved by Andris11:

"...errors when trying to open an associated .mesh, seems a wrong resource setup - the zip files from Archive folder are not added as resources and Core/StatsBlockCenter is not found when parsing overlay scripts."

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This problem is solved after MeshViewer 1.2

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